Librarte 2024: Celebrating Its Sixth Edition at the Monastery of San Juan in Burgos

Librarte, the Artist Book Fair of Castilla y León, returned for its seventh edition with a novel approach that transformed the Monastery of San Juan in Burgos into a meeting place for contemporary creation. This event, supported by the Burgos City Council, the Castilla y León Foundation, and in collaboration with ARA, stood out for its ability to provide an innovative and creative perspective on art, especially in the field of experimental publishing and artist books.

The creation of this artistic experience was made possible through the collaboration between ARA (Art Run Agency) and Ludovica Cadario, who curated the exhibition “Precious Syllables.” Ludovica Cadario contributed her curatorial perspective, enhancing the meaning and impact of Julia Llerena’s work. This dialogue between the artist and the curator emphasized the value of teamwork and creative collaboration to provide the public with a unique and enriching experience.

However, Librarte presented other exciting proposals besides “Precious Syllables.” The fair featured a variety of self-publishing editions, including an exhibition from the Library of the CA2M Museum in Madrid, directed by Tania Pardo, which addressed several key themes for understanding self-publishing. The Librarte Award for the best stands was consolidated thanks to the support of the Castilla y León Foundation, promoting excellence and creativity at the event.

One of the most notable exhibitions in this edition was “The Illustrated Forest,” an art proposal by the talented artist from Malaga, Aixa Portero, which took place at the Monastery of San Juan. This show, curated by Victoria Arribas Roldán, invited visitors to immerse themselves in a forest of books, exploring not only a large installation in the central nave of the old church but also a series of works displayed in the lobby preceding the cloister.

Attendees of Librarte had the opportunity to participate in a series of activities, from artisanal publishing workshops to children’s activities, organized thanks to the sponsorship of the Burgos City Council. These workshops offered a unique opportunity to explore the world of art in a practical and educational way. Librarte 2024 was a unique experience for art and culture lovers in Burgos. From the impactful works of Aixa Portero to interactive activities, this fair was a testament to the vibrant artistic scene of Castilla y León. With the collaboration of ARA and the curatorial vision of Ludovica Cadario, this year’s edition is destined to leave a lasting mark on the world of contemporary art.

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