ARA: the boutique agency for art.

Founded in 2021, ARA supports companies in the art world through audience development campaigns, communication and activities to facilitate networking amongst stakeholders in the sector.

We are experts in creating valuable connections and synergies for galleries, fairs, collectors and artists. We want to make the art world a more inclusive place.

We aim to contribute to the sustainable development of the visual arts industry.

We excel in PR and networking.

Our work aims to connect with people and establish valuable links. We not only communicate but also facilitate networking so that our clients can build solid relationships to develop their businesses.

With this philosophy, we have shaped our expertise to reach the right people at the right time.

Our extensive database is exclusive to an art-related audience. Our network of art professionals, artists, collectors and art lovers is constantly growing, and we know how to adapt it to the project’s needs.


We foster more responsible collectors.

Collecting is not only a passion or an investment but also a way to support artists and define the art market through more equitable and inclusive values.

At ARA, we create a community where artists, collectors, art lovers, brands and companies come together through our collaborations and activities, sharing the same values.



We like to inspire people.

Our purpose is to motivate and inspire people through the work of artists, curators, gallerists and collectors, who are central to all the projects and activities we carry out.

We generate innovative and current narratives in the art world for networks and the press.


Trust us